Our People


Deb King, Flinders University
January 2017-present

Debra is a feminist sociologist at Flinders University. Prior to being Dean, 2013-2016, she was a Principal Researcher at the National Institute of Labour Studies (2007-2013). Her research into emotions spans two decades, and she has a particular interest in emotional reflexivity and its relevance to personal, organisational and social change. In bringing together her interests in emotions and the aged care workforce, she has also published on emotions in the organisation and delivery of social care.


Michelle Peterie, University of Sydney

January 2017-present

Michelle Peterie is a PhD candidate (Sociology) at the University of Sydney, working at the intersection of the sociology of emotions and the politics of forced migration. Michelle’s doctoral research concerns the experiences of volunteers who support asylum seekers in Australian immigration detention facilities and within the Australian community. She is particularly interested volunteer experiences of trauma. In addition to her PhD studies, Michelle works as a Research Assistant at several Australian universities.


Past Conveners

June 2014-December 2016: Jordan McKenzie, University of New England

December 2013-December 2016: Rebecca Olsen, University of Queensland

August-December 2013: Natalya Godbold, University of Technology Sydney

January 2012-December 2014: Roger Patulny, University of New South Wales | University of Wollongong (Group Founder)

January 2012-December 2013: Jennifer Sinclair, RMIT University (Group Founder)

January 2012-August 2013: Mary Holmes, Flinders University (Group Founder)



A list of current TASA SEA members can be found on the TASA website.